GameCube-Purple Nitro Deck With Carry Case Is On Sale

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As Nintendo inches closer to finally telling us what it is it has been diligently working on to replace the Switch, now is the time to treat your current-gen Nintendo console better than ever. This might be the last few months you spend with it before a replacement comes along, so treat it well and make the most of it. One of the best ways to do that is to kit it out with top-notch accessories, and one of the best on the market is CRKD’s Nitro Deck.

The Nitro Deck is an accessory you can slot your Switch into – regular or OLED – rather than using its Joy-Con. Equipped with all sorts of extras that don’t come with the console, including a much-improved rumble and back buttons that can be mapped to whatever commands you need them for, the Nitro Deck really builds on your Switch experience, and right now you can get CRKD’s best one for less.


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The Nitro Deck comes in several colors, but the best one is the purple Deck. Not just any purple, but the same shade of purple as the GameCube. The homage to the classic Nintendo console is extended to the Nitro Deck’s buttons. A red B, green A, grey buttons elsewhere, and a yellow c-stick. Even better, the Deck that is currently available for less through the link in the box below comes with replacement thumbstick in grey and yellow, and also its own carry case.

pink nitro deck

Nitro Deck

$70 $110 Save

The Nitro Deck is a Nintendo Switch accessory designed to improve your experience with the console in many ways. It feels more comfortable to hold, adds back buttons, and even doubles as a pro controller.

The purple Nitro Deck with carry case and thumbsticks is usually $110, but you can pick it up for just $69.99 right now. If you don’t want the whole kit and kaboodle, or the purple option doesn’t grab you, CRKD has other Deck discounts available at the moment too. The black version of the Deck is 10 percent off, bringing its price down to just $54, while the grey version which has been modeled after the original SNES and comes with a carry case is $76.50, down from $90.

On top of being a great accessory to use when your Switch is in handheld mode, the Deck also doubles as a pro controller that can be used when the console is docked, and it’s easy to switch between the two modes. There are also three new designs of Nitro Deck coming soon and while they’re not on sale, you can pre-order them right now. The three new colors joining the collection in February are Retro Pink, Retro Blue, and Pal Grey.


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Additional details about the set, including the price, have also been revealed.

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