Gamer Gives Their Switch Consoles And Other Accessories A GameCube Makeover

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  • The GameCube, despite not being a major success during its initial run, introduced players to beloved first-party titles that are still sought after today.
  • Fans continue to be fascinated by the GameCube, with hidden details and secrets being discovered years later.
  • A Reddit user named LestatsMods painted their Nintendo Switch and other accessories to resemble the GameCube, receiving praise for faithfully capturing the console’s iconic look.

A nostalgic Nintendo fan recently gave their Switch and a host of gaming accessories a new color scheme inspired by the classic GameCube. 16 years before the Nintendo Switch launched and became one of the best-selling consoles of all time, Nintendo released its answer to the PlayStation 2 and original Xbox in the form of the GameCube. While this box-shaped console didn’t quite take the gaming world by storm during its initial run, it did introduce players to a variety of now-beloved first-party titles like Super Mario Sunshine, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, and the first two Metroid Prime games.

Even to this day, these games are sought out by players through online outlets like eBay and secondhand flea markets – with some unsuspecting customers stumbling across impressive GameCube-related hauls for a bargain. The GameCube console itself continues to fascinate players as well, with hidden details and secrets that slipped past gamers in the early 2000s being unearthed decades later. Some fans have created GameCube-centric emulators to play older Nintendo titles on Steam and other PC platforms, while others have customized their Armored Core 6 mechs in honor of Nintendo’s cult classic purple console.

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A Reddit user by the handle of LestatsMods recently took this latter idea to the next level by repainting their Nintendo Switch console to resemble the GameCube. Their custom Switch is adorned in the GameCube’s iconic purple base color, with its buttons painted in the red, green, and gray of the GameCube’s controller and its joystick in yellow. LestatsMods also redecorated a Switch Lite in this pattern, along with a Switch Wireless Pro Controller and even an Xbox Series X controller. While LestatsMods joked about the GameCube “going too far” in their r/gaming post, other users have complimented them for faithfully recreating the look of the GameCube.

Interestingly enough, LestatsMods’s GameCube-inspired Nintendo Switch is being shared at a time when Nintendo is reportedly getting ready to release another new system. While Nintendo hasn’t made any official statements regarding a Switch successor, rumors of such a system have spread across the internet for the past year or so. The most recent claims suggest that a prototype Nintendo Switch 2 was available for developers to try out behind closed doors at Gamescom 2023, and many insiders believe that it could launch sometime next year.

As many look to the future of Nintendo, others remember the gaming juggernaut’s past by seeking out old GameCube games and redecorating their Switch consoles and accessories in honor of the short-lived sixth-generation system. LestatsMods’s custom Switch does an admirable job in translating the GameCube’s colorful aesthetics to the Switch, and even gives fans a humorous look at rival Xbox’s flagship controller in the GameCube’s classic purple design.

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