Inspired by a classic GameCube JRPG, In Stars and Time is Steam’s latest indie phenomenon, and it’s got literally perfect reviews

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New indie RPG In Stars and Time has flown to the top of Steam’s new and trending list with glowing reviews.

Released just yesterday, November 20, In Stars and Time already looks like it’s a certified indie hit. As billed by game developer Adrienne Bazir just below, it’s a time-looping RPG where the protagonist scours the land with their friends to find a way to break the curse and free themselves from the never-ending loop. Oh, you just can’t let your friends notice you’re trapped in a time loop, though.

If you think In Stars and Time has a pretty old-school vibe, that’s by design “I was very influenced by classic RPGs I played in my youth, like Tales of Symphonia. It’s a deconstruction of a fantasy, ‘the chosen one will save us all’ RPG story, with lovable characters!” Bazir told Pocket Tactics in an interview last year.

Taking a look at Steam‘s home page, In Stars and Time has sailed to the top of the ‘New and Trending’ section. That’s no small feat – it’s beaten out the likes of Persona 5 Tactica, Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin, and even Bluey: The Videogame to achieve that title.

What’s more, In Stars and Time has unanimously positive reviews at the time of writing on Steam. “I’m about 3 hours in and absolutely adore this game so far!!” reads one review. “The setting, music, artwork, and overall style are very nostalgic and charming and also fresh, but the characters are really what steal the show for me!”

“ooooooo you will be attached to the silly whimsy pointy hat wizard guy and star objecthead ooooooo you cannot resist it,” reads another review after seven hours played. Sure pal, we will become attached to said wizard with a pointy hat if they’re that good.

Friend of GamesRadar+, Rachel Watts, also had a glowing verdict for In Stars and Time in the tweet below, dubbing it “amazing” and one of her “top indie games of the year.” Considering the smaller bangers we’ve had in 2023, like The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood and Dredge, that’s seriously saying something.

I love the look of In Stars and Time, with its black and white aesthetic and old-school presentation with a narrower screen. In a packed year of releases, at a packed time of the year for releases, this indie gem might just stand out from the crowd as a must-play addition to your backlog.

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