Wild Rumor Claims Unexpected 2004 Game Is Getting a Remake This Year

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  • A wild rumor is suggesting that THQ Nordic and Purple Lamp may be working on a remake of the GameCube adaptation of Shrek 2, expected to arrive later this year.
  • While the Shrek film series has largely fallen dormant, Shrek has remained relevant as a popular joke character in online memes.
  • Purple Lamp’s rumored development of a Shrek 2 remake comes less than a week after the studio announced a remake of 2010 Disney-licensed Wii game Epic Mickey.

A wild recent rumor is suggesting that the video game adaptation of beloved movie Shrek 2 is going to be receiving a remake for modern consoles. While the franchise has largely fallen dormant, the Shrek series served as one of the early 2000s’ most iconic film series. The quadrilogy of Shrek movies following the titular green ogre, his donkey companion, and the princess Fiona received multiple accolades for its feature films, while also releasing a variety of video game adaptations. Now, one popular game from the franchise is rumored to be receiving a remake.

While Shrek may not have seen a main-series movie following its leading character in over a decade, the character has not faded from the public eye. Shrek has taken on new life throughout recent years as a “meme character,” often being the subject of running gags and jokes. Shrek would even appear in a new game as recently as last year, debuting as a playable character in DreamWorks All-Star Kart Racing. Now, one of Shrek’s most-beloved games is rumored to be making a comeback from THQ Nordic‘s Purple Lamp.


Open World Shrek Game Imagined in New Unreal Engine 5 Video

A creative group of game developers showcase what an open world Shrek game would look like if made utilizing Unreal Engine 5.

In a post shared to the GamingLeaksandRumours subreddit, Reddit user brianh418 reveals a remake of the GameCube Shrek 2 to come soon. The user claims to be friends with a THQ Nordic employee, suggesting that the studio is looking to bring several of Universal’s licensed IPs, including Shrek and Spongebob, into their library. The leak states that the Shrek 2 remake will launch on most modern consoles and PC, including Nintendo’s heavily rumored Switch 2. The post also suggests that the remake will be made with the Unity engine.

Shrek 2 Remake Rumored to Be Coming This Year

While many were skeptical within the post’s replies, some users brought up connections that could lend to the leak’s legitimacy. One fan referenced a leak of a full re-release coming for Shrek 2 later this year, with 2024 marking the 20th anniversary of the original film’s debut. Recent years have seen a plethora of remakes of older licensed games as well, with Purple Lamp themselves recently announcing a remake of 2010’s Epic Mickey.

The rumored return of Shrek 2 comes as fans continue to await news about the next entry in the long-running film franchise. The success of 2022’s Puss in Boots: The Last Wish sparked plenty of discussion about the future of Shrek, with Shrek 5 reportedly still in the works. DreamWorks also teased a spinoff film focused around Donkey is in early discussion as well, with no release window for the Donkey movie confirmed. Shrek 2‘s potential debut on modern consoles could mark the return of a beloved 3D action game from an era many call the “golden age” of licensed adaptations.

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